Colors play a very important role in interiors of our homes. They largely affect our mood and psychology. It is very important to choose the correct colors for our homes and different spaces according to the function and utility.

Colors can definitely make an environment either under stimulated or over stimulated if not used properly.We often tend to use light colors for small spaces ,to make it look bigger and dark colors for large spaces to give it a feeling of enclosure. But we end up either making it look under stimulated or over stimulated. An under stimulated environment can be monotonous and can degrade our mood and energy levels. On the contrary an overstimulated environment with too many bright colors all around or strong contrast, complex patterns can affect the psychology by causing a lot of aggression. These factors that we don’t consider while choosing the correct colors are very important.

Ever wondered why all hospitals have the same colour scheme and all the party clubs use all the brighter shades and contrast?

Talking about our homes, Spaces like bedrooms should always have a calm and relaxing environment. Nude shades can be used in the bedroom with a little highlighting colors either the highlighted furniture or a particular wall highlighted with a piece of art so that it does not become monotonous.

For a girl’s bedroom shades of pink can be used very carefully. The color pink can either be used to create a dynamic look or at the same time it can be coordinating and can give a relaxing look. and bedrooms for sure need to be calm and relaxing.

For a boy’s bedroom shades of blue or green can be used. Blue and green both being the calming and cool colors.

Green gives a refreshing affect therefore lighter tones of green can be used in the kitchen. Bright and vibrant colors like yellow and orange can be used at the entrance area to create and exciting atmosphere. All these colors should be used in contrast so that they do not feel over stimulated.

For the evergreen combination, tones of browns and cremes can be used but these colors are considered outdated these days. Avoid using whites if there are children and pets in the house.

Shades of purple and move are quiet classy and elegant. They can create a formal look . Hence these colors can be used in drawing rooms and dining rooms.

Though black is the least used color in our homes but it looks very bold and attractive if used as a highlighter in some specific spaces or corners of our homes.

Ashita Sud ( B.Arch., M.Arch., M.C.A.) is an Architect & Interior Designer at Expressions Interior & Architecture. Mohali