Entrance hallways-Interior design Tips:

“First impression is the last impression” This proverb is equally important when it comes to our home entrance. The cover page of a book that is attractive surely demands for it’s contents to be seen and further read.

No matter what the outer environment is ,The inside environment should give you all the warmth and comfort. Whatever the home entrance size is,it should provide a homely ,warm and welcoming feeling to everyone.

So many of the entrances are dark and badly designed. The hallways are considered a waste of time. All the focus is given to the main room interiors.

Not necessarily the design has to be Hi-Fi or expensive, but with some interesting and clever decoration ideas we can make the boring entrance a welcoming entrance for the world and leave an amazing first impression.

The doorbell, which in case of many houses is outside the gate can be accompanied with a passage made with different range of flooring tiles, which can include the hard flooring tiles such as stones, terracotta tiles, marbles etc guiding you towards the main entry door is a good idea.

A door mat (set within a well)so that it is flushed with the rest of the surface should be installed as it prevents dirt from travelling inside the house.

Lighting plays a very important role in the interiors. A lantern at the door will definitely give a traditional look to the house and we can use down lighters for the modern house concept.

Installing a ledge in the entrance hallway with a sculpture or a bunch of fresh flowers with amazing lighting effects makes the hallway look beautiful.

Table lamps are also very homely and provide a very soft light. Highlighting a planter or sculpture with down lighter or hanging light will produce shadows that will dance across the room.

In case of a bigger hallway, a storage console with decorative doors can be placed with a bunch of fresh flowers of sculptures on it which will solve multiple purposes.

A small rug under the console also looks beautiful. Placing two symmetrical sculptures or vases on either sides of the console can also be done.

Placing a nice wall mirror is also a good last minute idea which will have added benefits of introducing a feeling of a bigger space and more light into a small dim area.

Ashita Sud ( B.Arch., M.Arch., M.C.A.) is an Architect & Interior Designer at Expressions Interior & Architecture. Mohali